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Framed Maps
Presented in a Deluxe or a Standard Wooden frames.
Available as singe maps, two map or four map comparrison maps
From: £34.95

Instant map downloads of any area.
Our downloadable old maps are enhanced reproductions of the original Ordnance Survey maps
From: £7.45

Printed Maps
Cassini’s printed maps are digitally enhanced reproductions of the original Ordnance Survey maps.
Comparing the past and present has never been easier. 
From £7.95

British Library Maps
Cassini is delighted to be able to make available a stunning range of historical maps from the late 16th and early 17th centuries. Sourced from the British Library’s world-famous collection,
From: £29.95

Cassini Box sets
2 Maps Framed and centred on any postcode or place in Britain. Presented in a Deluxe or a Standard wooden frame.
From: £19.95

Placemats and Coasters
A set of four placemats and four coasters with maps centred on any placename or postcode of your choice in Britain.
From: £59.95


Jigsaw Puzzles
Piece together the landscape of the past with our unique range of historical mapping jigsaws.

Historical Map Gift sets
This elegantly presented gift is a treasure-trove of fascinating information for anyone with an interest in the past.
From £39.95

Mounted Maps
Presented on pale ivory mounts with backing board. Ready for framing

From: £29.95

Facsimile County maps
All the counties of England covered in this elegant collection of maps taken from Bacon’s Commercial and Library Atlas of 1900.
From: £15.95

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