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Cassini 5-map Box Sets

London   (1805-1948)
Great British Cities 5-map Box Set
Edinburgh   (1857-1957)
Great British Cities 5-map Box Set

Liverpool   (1840-1947)
Great British Cities 5-map Box Set
Cassini’s Great British Cities Historical Map Collection provides a remarkable overview of three of Britain’s major urban areas from the early 19th century to the 1950s.

Four of the maps are at 1:50,000 scale and provide a bird’s-eye view of the city and the surrounding area at four crucial points in its history.

The fifth is at a more detailed 1:10,000* and lets you zoom in and explore the 19th-century urban landscape street by street. Historical notes help set the maps in context and provide an introduction to the original mapping series used. Supplied in an attractive case, the Great British Cities Historical Map Collection makes an ideal gift for anyone with any interest in the history of Liverpool, Edinburgh or London.
Cassini 3-map Box Sets


3-map Box sets

Full coverage of England and Wales

A set of three matching Cassini maps from three different periods, designed to appeal to anyone who wants to discover the hidden history of their local landscape.

These maps are taken from Ordnance Survey's Old Series, Revised New Series and Popular Edition maps. Each map in the Box Set has been carefully scanned, digitally re-projected and enlarged to match the present-day Ordnance Survey Landranger® series. The maps are also directly comparable with the corresponding Ordnance Survey Landranger® and use the same sheet number and grid references, so enabling the past and the present to be compared with ease and accuracy.

Choose from 123 different box sets covering all of England and Wales. Cassini's 3-map Box Sets have the same name, reference number and coverage as the appropriate Ordnance Survey Landranger®.

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