The Cassini Map Teaching Set      Modern technology brings the past to your classroom

The Cassini Map Teaching Set is a cross-curricular teaching resource of twelve worksheets (including a Teacher’s Unit with answers and notes), five maps centred on any point you choose and five sheets of background notes.

It can be used for teaching map skills, history, geography and local area and changes to the area studies throughout all Key Stages. With the addition of a additional modules centred on different points it can be used for comparative area studies.

It comes with a lifetime licence for your school – the materials are supplied digitally so this means that you can use them as often as you like.

Orders can be placed on our Schools page – close this pop-up to return to it. All we need are your school’s details and the post code on which the maps are to be centred. There’s nothing to pay now – we’ll invoice you.

You can also place orders by post, phone, email or fax. Please see the Schools page for details.

If you have any further questions we hope they’ll be answered below. Otherwise, please call 01722 717 132 or email

What skills does the Cassini Maps Teaching Set explore?
Several, including: basic map-reading; appreciation of current and historical technology; appreciation of basic cartographic design; simple mathematical calculations; comparison of the past with the present; recognition of place name changes.

What format are the materials supplied in?
The maps are A3 PDFs. The other materials are A4 PDFs.

Can I see examples of what the maps look like?
Please scroll down for examples of the five types of maps used (centred in this case on Hungerford in Berkshire). Underneath each, the central part of the map has been enlarged to show the map style more clearly.
Map 1  Map 2  Map 3  Map 4  Map 5

How do I choose the area of my maps?
By specifying any postcode in England or Wales. The map will be centred on that point.

How many worksheets are available?
Twelve:1. Introducing Historical Maps2. Points of the Compass3. Key to the Landscape 4. Scales & Distances5. Hills & Contours 6. 4-Figure Grid References7. 6-Figure Grid References8. History Detectives9. Transport Development10. Urban Development11. Place-name Changes12. Quiz

What’s in the Background Notes?

Information about how and why each Map was created and an overview of the social and historical context. They can be used as background information for the teacher or distributed to students. Some Worksheet questions will be easier to answer if the Background Notes have been studied.

What scale are the maps?

What size are the maps?
Each map is 380mm x 240mm on an A3 (420mm x 297mm) sheet. This represents an area of 19km x 12km on the ground.

What dates are the maps?
They will vary according to the area you’ve selected. The widest range is on Map 1 which will be dated sometime between 1805 and 1874; the further north the location, the later the date in general. Other dates will be: Map 2, 1896 to 1904; Map 3, 1919 to 1921; Map 4, 1945 to 1948. In a few cases, maps from outside these date ranges may have been used to complete the series. Map 5 is present-day. All dates are those of first publication.

Is the National Grid included on the maps?

Are legends included on the maps?

How do I order my Cassini Maps Teaching Set?
Go back to the Schools page on this site and select the appropriate button depending on whether you already have an educational account or not. You will be guided through the (very simple) stages from there.

Will I have to pay in advance?
No. Schools and educational establishments can order on 30-day terms.

How long will my Cassini Maps Teaching Set take to arrive?
If you already have an educational account the files will be available immediately once you have placed your order. If you are ordering for the first time it may take a day to set up the account and to create your order. In either case you’ll receive an email confirming that the files are ready to be downloaded and the instructions as to how to do this.

How much space on my computer will I need for the files?
About 45MB.

Will I require any special software to open the files?
Only Acrobat Reader, which is installed on most computers and which is freely downloadable if not.

Will additional materials be available?
In time, yes. We intend to add to the range of educational materials we provide and your feedback and suggestions would be most welcome. You will be notified by email of any new or updated materials; details may also be found on this website.

What restrictions are there on how I can use the Cassini Maps Teaching Set?
Full information is given in the end-user agreement. In summary, you may use the materials within your own institution for an unlimited period, but other reproduction in whole or in part requires the prior written permission of the publishers. All maps and material are © Cassini Publishing Ltd 2010 save where marked. Some data is © Crown Copyright and is supplied under licence. All rights reserved. Landranger is a registered trade mark of Ordnance Survey.